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A Little About Me

There is much to tell but I will try to condense it to this one tiny page. 🙂


I’ve always loved order and creating ways to make things more efficient since my busy days as an involved high school student into my college years studying for my major in Human Resource Management. After graduating the job market was on the decline and I started working various temporary jobs as an administrative assistant, but I always found myself going to each company and transforming their offices with new ideas for organizing and putting in place more efficient systems. Over time the companies I did temporary work for began constantly asking the temporary agency form my services.

Soon after I discovered myself taking on a new title, mom, to a wonderfully active toddler and my tidy little organization was flipped upside down along with my home, my car, and my mind. Piles of clothes, diapers, blankets, and toys were littered everywhere. Standing in the middle of my worst nightmare I began to feel more than overwhelmed and trapped in my own space understanding my systems no longer worked for me or my bundle of joy. So I know exactly how clutter can stress a person and make them feel. Finally taking the time to recognize what the problems were and coming up with solutions I tackled one room at a time.   Though it was a challenge I began coming up with creative ways to keep things in place and I also discovered I enjoyed the process and seeing the end result.

It wasn’t until I took on the clutter of a loved one that it dawned on me to use my passion and experience in organizing businesses and my newly tapped creativity of making things fun for my toddler into an organizing and design business!

I thought long and hard and I knew for sure this is my calling. A calling to see the potential in a space and create an area that not only is organized, but accommodates and changes the view point of the person/persons occupying it. I want them to fall back in love with their space and develop easy systems to help them maintain their space.

I’m not here to judge or criticize but I am here to respect you and your space with integrity and competence. I strive to take away the frustration and helpless feelings, and if I believe I’m not qualified I will help guide you to someone who is. I believe with a little love, creativity, and organization, as a team we can breathe life back into your space!