The Journey

You’ve already started how awesome! 

One of the most challenging steps is taking the time to pick the right Professional Organizer for you, your business, your family, or all three.


If you’ve decided to explore APGG 2 Organizing as an option then I’m elated and can’t wait to take the journey with you! Email me at or click here, so we can start your complimentary 20 minute phone consultation.


I.    Once we’ve gotten a chance to talk a little about your concerns and the area(s) your looking to transform APGG 2 Organizing will email two important documents.

Personal Information form & Personalized Survey

II.      After you have filled out both forms I will email you scheduling plans for your At Home Consultation which consists of:

  1. Visiting the area and taking pictures so I can carry your space with me along the journey and keep a visual in mind.
  2. Measuring the area for any ideas we come up with later.
  3. Sitting down and talking about what you want for your space and some of the, things you feel work and do not work in your space. Then find solutions for the reasons you feel your space became cluttered.
  4. Giving you a “Before We Get Started Packet” with an estimation of how long and how much the job may cost along with a contract/agreement.

III.      Once you’ve reviewed the information in the “Before We Get Started Packet” and are committed to completing the journey we start the shopping or what we at APGG 2 Organizing like to call the “Lavish Shopping”.

IV.      Next we get all the items sorted, we get to the fun stuff…physical work, but no worries most of that burden is on us!

-First step we empty the space and together we take the time to decide what you would like to keep, trash, donate, or find a personal home for items dear to your heart but no longer fit in your new defined space.

-Second step APGG 2 Organizing will do basic cleaning of the space usually involving sweeping and wiping away dust.

-Thirdly as a team we decide if you need to add anything to the physical area like walls or floors. I call this the design part! (Any designing (building walls/shelves/knocking down walls/installing professional contractor will be handled by a contractor of your choosing.)

-Fourth step involves the items staying in your space will be sorted and organized placing the items back into the area in an easy system format that works for you.

-Fifth step is doing any final little touches and evaluating our transformed space!

-Finally we clean up and let you express how you are now feeling and by all means I hope it is EMPOWERED!

V.      Even though the job is done I always like to check back with you after a few days to see if there is anything else you need or just so you can say how much you love your new space! I will also present you with “The Journey’s End Packet” to give you an over view of the specific details of your Journey and closing of our time together.